We operate a dedicated Swiftwater Rescue Team, with the necessary skills, knowledge, attitude, training, experience and equipment to undertake rescues in both swift and still water environments.  This makes the team ideally suited to Flood Response and Water Salvage Operations, including the transporting of person and property out of the hazard area.

Swiftwater Rescue - Sharp Fire and Safety

In order to ensure that our fire-fighters were provided with the appropriate level of training to safely undertake rescues in swiftwater environments, it was essential that a suitable and sufficient training scheme was selected and The Rescue 3 programme of courses was chosen.

Rescue 3 International Inc. is a California based organisation that has been providing state of the art courses in swiftwater, flood, rope and other technical rescues for many years, this scheme is also adopted by the majority of Local Authority Fire and Rescue Services across the United Kingdom through Rescue 3 (UK), the UK and Irish agency for Rescue 3.  All Rescue 3 courses are internationally recognised and are valid for 3 years, after which each team member will be revalidated by either attended the same course or by progressing to the next level, thus ensuring the skill base of our team is suitably maintained.

The minimum entry requirement to our Swiftwater Rescue Team is Rescue 3 Swiftwater Rescue Technician Unit 1 with selected members of the team progressing to Swiftwater Rescue Technician Advanced, additional role specific training is also provided which includes Swiftwater Rescue Boat Operator and Rescues from Vehicles in Water.  This training is supplemented by scenario based training exercises, which are conducted on a minimum of a monthly basis.

Our Swiftwater Rescue Team is available to assist Local Authorities for Flood Response, Water Rescue and Water Salvage operations and also to Event Organisers, where a specific water hazard has been identified.


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