With the ever changing economic and political climate, ensuring that your organisation continues to function has never been so critical, so have you got a Plan B?

Business Continuity and Resilience - Sharp Fire & Safety

Sharp Fire & Safety can assist in helping your business to become resilient to a major incident, through the concept of Business Continuity Planning and the creation of a Business Continuity Plan. Business Continuity Planning is an interdisciplinary concept used to create and validate a practiced logistical plan (a Business Continuity Plan) for how an organisation will recover and restore partially or completely interrupted crucial function(s) within a predetermined time after a disaster or extended period of disruption. In plain language, Business Continuity Planning is working out and organising how to stay in business in the event of disaster.

Incidents can include Local Level Incidents, such as building fires, regional level incidents for example severe flooding, or national level incidents like pandemic illness. With flooding across the United Kingdom increasing in both frequency and severity, is your Company Resilient?

We were recently requested by a major local production plant, of a multinational company, to attend their site after a water main was damaged. Due to the loss of mains water, the facility was faced with the daunting prospect of ceasing production until the problem was rectified, due to the production process including the use of water cooled furnaces.

The financial ramifications for the loss of production would have been substantial. Within 25 minutes of the initial call an appliance and crew were in attendance at the site, to provide water for the furnace header tanks, water for toilets and staff welfare facilities. This enabled the production to continue for the twelve hours that was taken to rectify the problem. Could you afford to closure your business for the day?

Business Continuity, be prepared - Sharp Fire & Safety

Emergency Preparedness

Sharp Fire & Safety can provide the following services to ensure that your business is prepared to deal with an emergency:

  • The Creation of Business Continuity Plans
  • Production of Emergency Procedures
  • Training Exercises to test Business Continuity Plans and Emergency Procedures
  • Supply, maintenance, and training in the use of fire safety equipment, ranging from portable fire extinguishers to Breathing Apparatus

Emergency Response and Recovery

  • Fire appliances and crews for operational response
  • Fire appliances and crews for flood pumping
  • Fire appliances and crews to conduct salvage operations
  • Welfare Unit


We offer a wide range of services in order to assist your organisation in fulfilling its statutory Health and Safety responsibilities, this includes producing health and safety managements systems, risk assessments, method statements and providing staff training.



As Event Fire & Safety Specialists we have provided a wide range of services to some of the UK’s leading events, ranging from Download Festival at Donington Park to the Great Dorset Steam Fair. Services include Event Fire & Safety Consultancy, Fire Response Cover and Equipment Hire.