Whether a business owner or event organiser our skilled team will offer full fire risk assessments and can provide you with the necessary fire detection systems and other appliances.

Fire Risk Assessments

The Requirement

Fire Risk Assessments became compulsory on 1st October 2006, under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. It is a LEGAL requirement for Business Operators to undertake Fire Risk Assessments. The legislation specifies that it is the Business Owner or Controller who is responsible for Fire Safety and Fire Risk Assessments and not just the Property Owner. The Fire Safety Order reforms Fire Safety Law in non domestic premises in England and Wales, it replaces Fire Certification under the Fire Precautions Act 1971.

Duty Holders

The main duty holder under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 is the ‘Responsible Person’ in relation to the premises. The duty of the Responsible Person are extended to any person who has, to any extent, control of the premises and to the extent to which they have control. This would include Landlords, Facilities Managers, Employers Occupying Premises, etc. You need to appoint one or more ‘Competent Persons’ to carry out the Fire Risk Assessment and any of the preventive and protective measures needed to comply with the Fire Safety Order. The Competent Person could be you, or an appropriately trained employee or one of our competent Fire Safety Consultants can fulfil this role for your organisation.

The Fire Risk Assessment

A Fire Risk Assessment will help you determine the chances of a fire starting and the dangers from fire that your premises present for the people who use them and any person in the immediate vicinity.

It must take the whole of your premises into account, including areas that may be infrequently used. If your premises are small then it may be able to assess them as a whole. In some premises it may be necessary to divide them into a series of assessment areas or zones using natural boundaries. It is important that the fire risk assessment is carried out in a practical and systematic way.

Your fire risk assessment should demonstrate that, as far as is reasonable, you have considered the needs of all relevant people including those with disabilities or impairments which may prejudice their escape from the premises.

Under Health and Safety Law (enforced by the Health and Safety Executive or Local Authority) you are required to carry out Health and Safety Risk Assessments in respect of any work processes in your workplace and to take or observe appropriate special, technical or organisational measures. If your Health and Safety Risk Assessment identifies that these processes are likely to involve the risk of fire or the spread of fire then you will need to take this into account during your Fire Risk Assessment under the Fire Safety Order, and prioritise actions based on the level of risk.

Sharp Fire & Safety can provide a full Fire Risk Assessment service, using fully competent and experienced Fire Safety Consultants, for premises on a large or small scale, leaving you to run your business without worrying about compromising the safety of your employees.

Fire Alarms

Fire Alarms and Fire Warning Systems

Our Fire Industry Association trained engineers can provide a complete Fire Alarm System package that includes: Design, Installation, Commissioning, Maintenance and Monitoring and/or any single or combination of the above. Our engineers have experience of working with both Addressable and Non-Addressable Systems, in small premises such as shops, to large scale Shopping Centres, Office Blocks and Factories. All work and documentation is completed in strict accordance with BS 5839.

Fire Alarm Design

After the completion of a Fire Risk Assessment and appropriate consultation with the Local Authority, we can design a complete Fire Alarm System to comply with the specified Life or Property Class. Fire Alarm Installation, Alteration and Commissioning, whether it be a full installation of a new system or the extension of an existing system, our engineers have the experience to ensure that the work is carried out with the minimal amount of disruption to your daily work activities. We can also conduct phased out of hour’s installations, working at night or weekends. Working safely at height is not an issue, our engineers hold ‘International Powered Access Federation’ (IPAF), Powered Access Licence’s (PAL) for Mobile Elevating Work Platforms and Harness Use and Inspection Certificates.

Fire Alarm Service, Maintenance and Repair

We are available to provide Weekly, Quarterly, Six Monthly and Annual testing and maintenance of Automated Fire Detection and Warning Systems. Should your system develop a fault, or there be an alarm activation, then our engineers offer a 24-hour callout service, to ensure that your premises continues to be covered. Our engineers have also been trained by BT to install BT Redcare – Signal Termination Units. Please contact us with your specific requirements for a competitively priced quotation.

Fire Extinguishers

We can supply and install all types of fire extinguishers, signage, stands and cabinets. We have products to suit most budgets including our Premium Range and Basic Range Fire Extinguishers.

Fire Extinguishers Premium
Premium Range

Our Premium range fire extinguishers are manufactured and built in the heart of the West Midlands and are Kitemark certified to BS EN3. The advanced deep draw cylinder technology, quality heavy duty brass valves and components result in a truly unique, quality fire extinguisher with a robust safety record. Easy to maintain, the superior construction enables servicing and refilling to be carried out quickly and with ease. For added value, our Premium fire extinguishers come with colour coded header labels, handles and bases which ensures that the extinguisher is identifiable from any angle.

Basic Fire Extinguishers
Basic Range

To offer our customers the widest choice of extinguisher products possible we have our Basic Range which is also Kitemark certified to BS EN3. This is another quality fire extinguisher that is easy to maintain, meaning servicing and refilling can be carried out quickly and with ease.

Please contact us with your requirements for a competitively priced quotation.

Fire Extinguisher Service

We are available to undertake local and national maintenance contracts. All inspections and servicing is carried out in accordance with BS5306 part3 by competent and experienced engineers.

We can provide site surveys to ensure all portable fire extinguishers and fire extinguisher signage are correctly installed in accordance with BS5306 part6 and maintained in accordance with BS5306 part3. We also offer a refilling service for portable fire extinguishers, in accordance with BS6643 part1.

Please contact us with your requirements for a competitively priced quotation.

Emergency Lighting

Our competent and experienced engineers are available to undertake design, installation and maintenance of Emergency Lighting Systems, in accordance with the appropriate British Standards.

We are available to provide Monthly and Annual testing and maintenance of Emergency Lighting Systems. Should your system develop a fault, then our engineers offer a 24-hour callout service, to ensure that your premises continues to be covered.

Evacuation Strategies

Whether it’s a simple premises, a complex premises with specialist plant or a healthcare premises with dependant patients, we can produce a bespoke Evacuation Strategy for your work place and deliver the training so that it can be safely implemented.

A variety of factors are considered including; the number of people the premises can safely accommodate, the type of persons resorting to the premises (the occupancy characteristics), the hours the premises are occupied, the number of exits, the availability of exits, the escape routes, the travel distances to places of relative safety, the travel distances to places of ultimate safety, structural feature of the building and the type of automatic fire detection and warning system that is fitted.

Business Continuity and Resilience

Business Continuity and Resilience - Sharp Fire & Safety

Premium Range

With the ever changing economic and political climate, ensuring that your organisation continues to function has never been so critical, so have you got a Plan B?

Sharp Fire & Safety can assist in helping your business to become resilient to a major incident, through the concept of Business Continuity Planning and the creation of a Business Continuity Plan. Business Continuity Planning is an interdisciplinary concept used to create and validate a practiced logistical plan (a Business Continuity Plan) for how an organisation will recover and restore partially or completely interrupted crucial function(s) within a predetermined time after a disaster or extended period of disruption. In plain language, Business Continuity Planning is working out and organising how to stay in business in the event of disaster.

Incidents can include Local Level Incidents, such as building fires, regional level incidents for example severe flooding, or national level incidents like pandemic illness. With flooding across the United Kingdom increasing in both frequency and severity, is your Company Resilient?

We were recently requested by a major local production plant, of a multinational company, to attend their site after a water main was damaged. Due to the loss of mains water, the facility was faced with the daunting prospect of ceasing production until the problem was rectified, due to the production process including the use of water cooled furnaces.

The financial ramifications for the loss of production would have been substantial. Within 25 minutes of the initial call an appliance and crew were in attendance at the site, to provide water for the furnace header tanks, water for toilets and staff welfare facilities. This enabled the production to continue for the twelve hours that was taken to rectify the problem. Could you afford to closure your business for the day?

Business Continuity, be prepared - Sharp Fire & Safety

Basic Range

Emergency Preparedness

Sharp Fire & Safety can provide the following services to ensure that your business is prepared to deal with an emergency:

  • The Creation of Business Continuity Plans
  • Production of Emergency Procedures
  • Training Exercises to test Business Continuity Plans and Emergency Procedures
  • Supply, maintenance, and training in the use of fire safety equipment, ranging from portable fire extinguishers to Breathing Apparatus
Emergency Response and Recovery
  • Fire appliances and crews for operational response
  • Fire appliances and crews for flood pumping
  • Fire appliances and crews to conduct salvage operations
  • Welfare Unit