Through our extensive experience of providing fire safety solutions to major outdoor events throughout the country and through providing detailed fire risk assessments for many of those events, one of the most significant fire risks on site is the extensive use of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) and the storage and handling of both full and empty LPG cylinders.

Event Gas Safety

As an organisation, we have attended numerous incidents involving both LPG Cylinders and faults on LPG Installations, we appreciate the concern that this raises with both the event organisers and members of the general public alike.

Many of the faults that we have encountered could have been isolated and made safe by a competent engineer, without the need to close catering units, temporary kitchens or to remove heaters from use, but trying to locate a suitably qualified engineer at short notice, at a weekend can be difficult. In the absence of competent engineer the only practical safety options left are to shut-off, close and remove from service, which can cause conflict with equipment owners and operators.

The Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998, state that “Where an employer or self-employed person requires any work in relation to a gas fitting to be carried out at any place of work under his control or where an employer or self-employed person has control to any extent of work in relation to a gas fitting, he shall take reasonable steps to ensure that the person undertaking that work is, or is employed by, a member of a class of persons approved by the Health and Safety Executive.

Furthermore, all gas installation businesses are required to be in membership of a ‘class of persons’ approved by the HSE, whether they carry out such work as their main or part activity.” To comply with this requirement Sharp-Fire & Rescue Ltd is the first independent fire and rescue service to become a member of the Gas Safe register and have engineers holding Nationally Accredited Certification Scheme qualifications in both Natural and Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), which allows us to offer gas safety advice to event organisers, catering unit operators, market traders, exhibitors and members of the public camping at event sites.

Sharp-Fire & Rescue Ltd can assess the authenticity of gas safety certificates that have been provided to organisers as part of their selection and approval process, as well as inspecting the gas safety condition of the wide range of installations using LPG on site, which can range from catering units to mobile shower units. This inspection can be combined with our site fire safety inspections, to provide a timed audit trail of the fire safety inspections across the site and ensuring continued fire safety at each visit. If mobilised to an incident involving LPG, or a suspected gas escape, then we carry all of the necessary equipment required to locate any escapes and our engineers can ensure the faulty appliance or installation is isolated and made safe, where necessary, and an appropriate Warning/Advice Notice will be issued, as required by the Gas Industry Unsafe Situations Procedures. Please contact us for further information regarding our gas safety services for outdoor events.


We offer a wide range of services in order to assist your organisation in fulfilling its statutory Health and Safety responsibilities, this includes producing health and safety managements systems, risk assessments, method statements and providing staff training.



Whether a business owner or operator our skilled and experienced team can conduct fire risk assessments, install fire protection equipment, maintain fire-fighting equipment or deliver fire safety training.