UKLPG is the trade association representing companies that operate in the Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) industry in the UK. It is dedicated to the safe and effective development of LPG, with a focus on LPG’s role in providing low carbon heat and energy for homes and businesses that are off the mains gas grid, as well as helping to improve air quality in urban areas. They also work to champion and guard safety and technical standards within the LPG industry and provide advice and guidance to members. They work with members of the industry and other bodies to ensure the right skills for the industry’s future are recognised and developed. Through their events programme they offer the opportunity to network and share best practice within the industry helping to raise the profile of the benefits, good experience and qualities of LPG.

LPG is a clean and readily available gas that functions in an almost identical way to natural gas, making it a popular choice for off-grid households in the UK that want to enjoy the benefits of heating with and cooking on gas all year round. It is also attractive for a wide range of businesses with high heat and energy needs that are looking for a clean, versatile and low carbon source of energy. It is important that LPG is used safely.

At Sharp Fire &  Safety we are proud to be accredited by UKLPG for our work to make sure LPG is supplied and used safely. For more information on UKLPG visit their website: